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About me

I’m a UI/UX designer based in Israel, so naturally, I have always had a genuine desire and expectation for diversity, inclusion, and empathy within the communities in which I belong.

I bring this philosophy with me in every project: An emphasis on an empathetic community. 

I've always believed that the word "user" has always irked me.


When I think of the folx that utilizes the products I design, I think of them as friends & family—not just someone looking to use a product.


When I conduct audience research, build a persona, or test a digital product, I view each individual like someone from my community.


So this "emphasis on empathy" is natural; it's not buzzword but merely the reality of inclusive and sincere experience design.

As designers, we're inviting the communities we love to enjoy and adopt our products into their lives. So let us serve our community members the best that we can!

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