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The realm of digital design is not just a field of work for me, but a canvas where I, Dror Cohen, envision and craft user experiences and interfaces that make technology accessible, efficient, and enjoyable. My journey, rich with over 12 years of professional UX/UI design experience, has been a blend of continuous learning, adapting, and creating. Specializing in mobile and web applications of enterprise-level complexities, I have led the UX/UI design efforts on demanding projects encompassing Cloud file storage systems, Data insights platforms, Home design applications, RPM, IoT, Cloud Security, and various sector-specific applications in Banking, Pharma, Military, Health, SAAS, and CRM.

Why UX/UI Design?

At the core of UX/UI design lies the essence of empathy and understanding - the ability to step into the users' shoes and perceive the digital world from their lens. It's about orchestrating intuitive, engaging, and seamless interactions between the user and the digital environment. My passion for UX/UI design stems from the joy of solving real-world problems, simplifying complex processes, and rendering the digital sphere more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

My Value Proposition

With an extensive background and a proven track record in leading the UX/UI design of complex projects, I am well-poised to contribute significantly to Norway's digital landscape. I bring not just design expertise, but a deep understanding of user behavior, the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, and a relentless pursuit for innovation and excellence.

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